3 #GoT Characters Predict the End

Sunday, April 17th, 2011
Game of Thrones aired on HBO for the first time.

The creation of my favorite book series into a television series used to bother me, but every actor came with their A++ game.  I mean wow! Take for example, Sean Bean, also known for his portrayal of this noble book character, gives us valuable insight into what the Stark name stands for.  Speaking of Ned Stark, today marks 30 days until the premiere of the final season of Game of Thrones; and the end of the Game of Thrones poll game that I’ve been playing with my friends.  Today, I want to talk about the

3 characters that told us secrets about how things will end:

  1. Old Nan and Hodor –  I’m going to combine Old Nan and Hodor into one character, since Hodor can only say “Hodor” and Old Nan speaks by telling stories.  Explaining what they each knew from the beginning of all this remarkable show simply makes sense. Although the show doesn’t mention this, the books explain that Old Nan came to Winterfell a long, long time ago to take care of a Stark, possibly Brandon Stark if you believe that Old Nan is of normal old lady age.  If you’re like me and believe that Old Nan is really, really old (I mean ancient), then you’ll easily accept the following theory.  Old Nan is magical. She’s been with the Stark’s since the Long Night and she is there to give all the Starks the information they need to defeat the Night King and his dead army.  Think about the scene where Old Nan is telling a newly awaken Bran one of her famous scary stories.  Some of the stories that she told the Stark boys were introduced in the show.  Stories like the meaning of a red comet, the Azor Ahai prophecy, the Night King, the Ice Dragon, Harrenhall, and the rat cook.  Could Old Nan’s stories to the Stark children be a way to prepare them for their destiny? We know that there is magic in the Stark bloodline.  Could Old Nan be the Stark’s version of Melissandra?
  2. Bran Stark – He’s a bit broodier and weirder now, but Bran has never acted like a 10 year old boy. Remember when he was made to witness the beheading of Will, the deserter spared by the White Walker. If you were paying attention, Bran’s reaction to the beheading had nothing to do with the act of seeing the man’s head cut off.  Bran was reacting to the fact that Will was talking about seeing a White Walker.  Bran wanted to know more about what Will went through and his father’s swift actions made that a no go.  When Ned asked Bran why he had to kill Will, Bran had a little bit of an attitude, he said “our way is the old way” like he was trying to tell Ned he made the wrong decision or something.  And when they all come upon the dead direwolf, Bran looked at the puppies like he’s seen the scenes play out before. Bran’s weirdness is most likely because he’s been magical since he was born and Old Nan’s stories has allowed him to explore those powers in what he believes are dreams.
  3. Ned Stark – Yes, Ned is dead with his head on a spike in King’s Landing; but before his demise, he told us basically everything we need to know. Let me take you back to the scene where they come upon the dead direwolf after the beheading of Will who claimed to see a White Walker.  The look Ned gives Ser Rodrik by the dead animal is telling.  Knowing about the history of the Stark family, could Old Nan’s stories been told to Ned and his brothers as warning signs of things to watch out for? Ned being stubborn would not believe in these mythical things, but something is bothering him about the dead direwolf.  Also, we know what major secret Ned is keeping to himself about his sister.

    When Ned’s brother BenJen comes to Winterfell for the King’s visit, there’s that moment when Ned asks BenJen if he knew Will and that Will was speaking craziness about seeing a White Walker.  BenJen, an experienced Ranger, didn’t seem a bit concerned about Will seeing a White Walker.  His “no biggie” reaction makes me think that he, just like Bran, knows something; but whatever that “something” is, they must let Ned figure it out on his own.  Maybe there’s a Divine Destiny that each member of the Stark family must realize on their own to defeat the Night King? And those that don’t figure out what is going on are doomed to die and repeat the events of their lives over and over again until they make a different decision to alter their timeline.


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