Resolutions and Goals: Is There a Difference?

Making a resolution at the beginning of the year and expecting myself to stick to it usually ends in failure.  I wouldn’t say I completely abandoned the resolutions I made this year, I simply chose not to dwell on the fact that I was unable to meet my own expectations.

My 2018 resolutions included three of the top resolutions mentioned this #WritingWednesday blog.  Getting out of debt and spending less money, so I can travel to new places, and learn something new were my 2018 resolutions, or goals as I like to call them.

Why do I choose to use the word “goals” instead of “resolutions?”  Both terms mean the same thing, right? Not exactly. Goals direct your focus and attention. Goals increase self-confidence and when you set effective goals and write them down, you perform at your top potential.  Yes, I agree. Failure to meet goals happens. But countless research shows that writing down goals increases the chances of achieving those goals.

For example, I wrote down my expenses for a month to track where I spent most of my money to start working on my goal of spending less money.  I quickly proved to myself what I already knew.  I eat and drink at restaurants entirely way too often.  And since I wrote everything down, there was no denying that I had to stop spending $120 a week at restaurants for lunch for myself.  Instead of giving in to the feelings of deprivation about limiting my restaurant visits to once a month, I started making my lunch using #TastyTuesday recipes shared on our Facebook page resulting in significant money savings.

My goals for the new year are a continuation of 2018 goals with the addition of helping my mom transition into her new life as a retiree.  I’m so excited to help her budget and plan for her sewing hobby, traveling and DIY improvement projects for her new home and blogging about our adventures on


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