Targaryen Madness Hereditary?

I’ve often asked myself, “what if the madness that the Mad King suffered from was actually something passed down from Targaryen to Targaryen due to their family lines wedding brother and sister for generations.  And we all know what type of people come out of those type of couplings.

There are theories out there that Bran was in the mind of the Mad King (like he often did with Hodor); and Bran’s voice in the Mad King’s head was what drove him crazy.  My thoughts on this theory are that it’s plausible, if Bran as a young boy realized his powers before Jaime’s push and was trying to punish the Targaryen’s for killing his grandad and uncle and for what Rhagaer did to his aunt.  Old Nan’s stories had a huge effect on Bran and with all his time exploring Winterfell, he must have had some profound moment at a young age.  Remember when little Rickon went to the crypts with Shaggy Dog saying that Ned was dead.  He was younger than Bran when he began displaying his Family Stark mind tricks, so it’s not a stretch to think that Bran may have too.

But I digress.  The idea that Danny might be a villian at the end of Thrones came from a blog I read recently:

Artist Alain Mesa made some great points on how Danny’s actions have been ambivalent or contradictory.  For example, she “saved” the witch that ended up kiling her Khal.  Remember, Danny argued for the right to life of slaves. Although killing and raping was a common Dorthraki custom, she brought full desention in Drogo’s ranks, so much so that Drogo killed for her ideas.  So where was Danny’s right to live ideals after the slave witch revealed her news about not being saved?  Quickly gone.  Replaced by a vengenence that called forth the dragons.  And we all see her killing as justified, even though we all know that there was a strong possibility that Drogo would have died of sepsis from his wound if the witch were never involved.

But we all got sucked into the stone cold and hot hotness of Danny that she could only be the hero in the end.  And she gave birth to three dragons, so she most certainly could not be a villian.

But the theory of her switching on and off her ethics on the value of human life due to being genetically bat sh*t crazy is quite interesting to ponder.

I am guilty of being a huge fan of anti-heros, Deadpool, David Dunn, Venom, and Wolverine (although my classic childhood hero Superman is still a favorite); so I understand justifying one person murdering bad people for doing bad things to other people. We all witness Danny killing those that hurt her, or those that betrayed her.  We did not bat an eye at her killing the slave masters or leaving Doreah to slowly die in a vault.  Nor did we cover our eyes when she toasted the master of the Unsullied she promised to trade a dragon for.

We’re all perfectly fine with Danny’s Judge & Executioner anti-hero role.

So Danny’s life and death choices being a result of a manifesting herediatry psychopathy is facinating.  But we’ll never know if this could be true because I theorize Danny is going to die from complications of her pregnancy right in the middle of the fight. More on this theory next week on #TVTalkTuesday.  Stay tuned.

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