The Starks and the First Men

If you’ve been following our #TVTalkTuesday group posts, you’ll remember that we’re a little obsessed with the Stark family lineage.  We all have wondered what type, if any, magic the Starks possess.  From the time after Bran’s, um… *cough*…“accident”…

we go inside his dreams making us begin to understand that there is something special about the Stark family.

So, what about BenJen Stark and his knowledge?  In my #ThowBackTVThursday blog, ‘3 #GoT Characters Predict the End’, I discuss that the stories Old Nan tells Bran were also told to Ned and his brother BenJen. (Remember, Nan is very old.  Ancient I believe. We see her with Hodor in Bran’s visions when he’s snooping around in the past.)  Old Nan’s stories, just like fairy tales of our childhood, have a message or a lesson for the child to learn important life lessons.  In fact, every human culture has stories passed down from generation to generation, so it’s no stretch of the imagination that the Starks would too.

If my theories are correct, BenJen Stark knew much about his family’s role in the war against the Night King. C’mon, Ned had many secrets, but he had to tell someone else!  Why not his bro?

I believe Ned told BenJen about Lianna being Jon’s mother.  He even spilled the beans about the baby being Rhaegar’s. Ned did this because of the stories Old Nan told them when they were little kids.  As they grew older, they understood that Old Nan’s stories had deeper meanings.  Ned and BenJen probably latched on to certain characters and instinctively knew that was the role they would play in their lives.

In the end, we have to find out that combining Targaryen and Stark blood creates a fire and ice child that would fulfill an important role (or prophecy); and the fire and ice child must be allowed to live no matter what.  Whether BenJen somehow foresaw the betrayal that led to Jon Snow’s death or if he was in the right place at the right time, BenJen was well aware of Jon Snow’s lineage.

I highly recommend checking out this fellow #FortheThrone fan’s video for more about what BenJen Stark knew or didn’t know.

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