Worst Game of Thrones Ending Ever?

We’re fast approaching the deadline to get your entries in for our #TVTalkTuesday group Game of Thrones pool to predict who will live or die at the end.

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So, let’s get to the question at hand.  What would be the worst ending ever for the final season of Game of Thrones?  Out of the ten worst endings presented by our favorite YouTube channels
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a “happily ever after” ending will be the worst ending ever.  In this ending, all our heros will live.  Jon will marry Daenerys, White Walkers are dead, Cersei apologizes, and Aria will be Aria, stealing faces and dispatching baddies (happily of course).

My predictions for who will live or die at the end of Game of Thrones

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combines the endings that predict that Daenerys dies during child birth while Jon and Sam with creepy Bran’s help figure out how to defeat the Night King.

At this time, Jon and Daenerys know that they are long lost kin and need some time apart to rethink their moments behind closed doors.  So when the Night King and his army descend on Night Watch by the sea, Jon and Daenerys never see each other again. Jon never knowing that he bore a bastard, the one thing he was passionate about NOT doing.

The theory that Sam is the narrator writing the details or telling the details of the wars during the reign of Robert I to his son little Sam is not the worst ending, but not the best either.  When combined with the Daenerys dying during child birth would bring clarity to the scene where we see Tyrion watching Jon Snow entering Daenerys’ bedroom.

While Jon, Tormund, Jorah and the Gang all head out to put an end to the Night King building his army on the corpses of friends and family, Tyrion is back at Dragonstone trying to keep Daenerys from jumping into the fighting fray.  One dragon was already lost, we don’t need two gone.

In the end, Tyrion will be the only one who will know who the baby born to Daenerys is Jon’s baby.  The war between the White Walkers and the living will continue to rage, the dead army will grow,, and without too much knowledge or effort, Sansa will sit on the throne with Tyrion as her King.  In the end, their sham marriage will pay off for both of them in the long run.  Sansa’s legit claim to Winterfell and Tyrion’s name will be impressive to any of the living after the war with the Night King concludes but how many would that be?  The people leftover would gladly accept known names like Stark and Lannister on the Throne.

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Predicting what may happen in the end for Sans and Tyrion could be a happy ending for most who feel that Sansa needs  a break.  Tyrion will tell Sansa about the child and they’ll take care of the child as if she was on her own.

So what do you predict?  Enter your votes digitally on the  Game of Thrones Pool Game

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